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Marketing mistakes that every influencer and brand should avoid

The influencers industry has grown immensely, in 2016 when the industry had revenues of 1.7 billion dollars compared to the estimate that is had for the end of 2021 when an income of 13.8 billion dollars is estimated.

For this reason, as a player in this growing industry, you must know the mistakes and bad practices that others have made in the industry so that your campaign flourishes. If you are looking to learn from the mistakes of others, don't look any further, here we present essential practices that every player in the industry must know to be successful.

Not having clear goals

Creating clear goals for your campaigns is one of the first things you have to consider as it helps your campaign develop in the best possible way from the beginning.

What are the most important goals you must achieve?

Maybe they are:

- Reach a specific number of followers on social networks.

- Be more active and develop on a specific platform.

- Partner with influencers and specific brands.

There are always setbacks, but having clear goals helps you focus on how to solve and succeed in your campaign.

Have a single positioning strategy or campaign

Being versatile and creative when it comes to is important in any industry, but it is crucial in influencer marketing since trends, methods and approaches are short-lived and change without notice, which is why adequate advertising and engagement is so important to succeed.

Lie to your audience

Being transparent helps your audience trust you, an extremely important quality if you want to succeed. Being transparent means giving accurate information about your campaigns, projects, alliances, and plans for the future, do not forget that the support of your audience means success for your brand.

Failure to comply with this can not only result in a fall from grace for your brand but can even lead to legal problems.

Using fake followers on social media

As a general rule, it is not advisable to take shortcuts or cheat to grow non-organically, and buying fake followers is at the top of that list as it not only skews your engagement rate but also damages your reputation and trust. Hand in hand with our previous post, buying fake followers can result in a loss of your current followers, as well as distancing influencers and brands that could collaborate with you.

Not having a relationship with your audience

One of the advantages of being an influencer is having the opportunity to connect with your audience, establishing an active presence in the social networks in which you predominate and growing organically with a community that supports and promotes you.

Your followers will thank you for interacting with them and it will increase the engagement that your community has, thus attracting new followers and opportunities.


Be it TikTok, YouTube, Instagram or another of the dozens of social networks that are available, it is key to know how to navigate the industry in which you want to succeed, so it is good news that there are influencer agencies and content creators. These agencies have the necessary tools to catapult your engagement and manage your advertising. Content creator agencies can help with advice, providing legal support and representation to the content creator, monitoring the growth of engagement, likes and comments, among other crucial services designed for content creators who are starting or wanting to improve their performance in the platform.

Do you want to maximize your as an influencer and growing brand? Start working with us today!

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