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MCR-Agency and Peoople reach a collaboration agreement.

Barcelona, ​​Spain - June 05, 2021: MCR-Agency and the Peoople recommendations app have reached an agreement in which the content creators belonging to MCR-Agency will directly enter to share all their content in the app, being able to show their followers closely the products and services they recommend and are part of their daily life.

-MCR-Agency is a Representation and Managing Agency for Online Content Creators, influencers and streamers. It has a wide range of strategies and procedures to scale the attraction that the client needs. The agency is focused on driving the talent of its content creators and working hand-in-hand with brands to achieve desired goals.

Their extensive catalog of content creators makes the scope they can offer to companies that decide to collaborate with them very wide.

Peoople is an app that collects the recommendations made by users and content creators regarding any category: from books or music to apps or video games. In addition, the recent acquisition of 21 Buttons by it, places it with a total of 28 million users, thus becoming a benchmark within the social e-commerce sector.

Thanks to the agreement between MCR - Agency, and Peoople, the agency's content creators will be able to enjoy the benefits offered to them by the app, being able to share all their favorite products and recommendations with their followers on the same network.

This agreement also opens the doors to events and future collaborations between the content creators of MCR - Agency and the brands that trust Peoople as a new platform to carry out long-term influencer marketing campaigns focused on performance.

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