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The arrival of social networks and the digital environment represented a real and accessible growth opportunity for brands. And, until a few years ago, the advertising world was only available to a few with enough capital to pay for commercials and large agencies. Today, this is no longer the case.

Thanks to the emergence of new alternative and digital media, as well as the emergence of marketing agencies with innovative models, now the world of marketing is different. Here we will talk about MCR-Agency, the Spanish influencers agency and how it provided differentiating elements for influencers, brands and clients.

The role of agencies in the transformation of companies

For businesses to access the benefits of the digital world and content creators, it is necessary to have the support of a marketing agency. Why? Simple, companies need someone to guide them in this environment.

Finding a suitable agency is something that must be done carefully as not all agencies have the same focus, concept or even prices. MCR-Agency, for example, has an approach aimed at connecting content creators with brands in order to position itself in the market in an authentic way.

MCR-Agency: A paradigm shift

They say that behind every great campaign there is a great strategist who knows how to connect the cables so that everything goes perfectly. MCR-Agency is that strategist because their job is to connect content creators with brands by choosing the best profiles for the campaigns.

The task is simple, but effective, which has allowed brands to not waste efforts and money on ineffective campaigns. They try to leave behind the myths of thinking that working with content creators is complicated. Thus, they improve results and make business investment more efficient.

The beginning of a great story

Like any great brand, MCR-Agency arose from a dream, although this was not necessarily focused on marketing. A couple, two lawyers specialized in international trade were responsible for everything started and MCR-Agency saw the light changing its course from trade to marketing.

Two people was the beginning of everything, two people with a dream, a passion and a desire, to change the world of marketing for brands. This is how MCR-Agency started, with two people who decided to risk everything. The result? Later you will see.

The pillars of its growth

· A large pool of profiles: Not all brands go well with all content creators, that is why their selection must be careful. MCR-Agency has a large number of profiles to ensure that the creator and the company make a perfect match.

· Personalized offer: Another of the pillars is the personalization of the service since we know that each company has different needs and different budgets. By creating a personalized offer, you ensure that businesses can take advantage of all the value they have for themselves, without being restricted by budget or business issues.

· Improved results: Investing in content creators that do not go with your brand can not only reduce the results, it can even cause a crisis or a negative impact. MCR puts the best content creators at your fingertips so that the results of your campaign are better.

· Save work, time, and money: Companies have so many tasks to do that wasting time selecting content creators can be complex and inefficient. So, in addition to improving your results, the agency tries to give you the opportunity to save a lot in planning your content.

· Carefully selected creators: For a content creator to be part of MCR-Agency, they must meet a specific profile which will guarantee that their reputation and quality are sufficient to collaborate with selected brands.

Collaborations with large companies

As a result of its work and strategy, MCR has achieved great collaborations with excellent brands. In the beginning, it began collaborating with small brands, but of great quality and heart.

Little by little, it reached larger brands, positioning MCR-Agency as one of the most effective agencies linking content creators. La Casa de las Carcassas, Purelei, Alhamas, Hanek, Fightland España, among other brands were part of its collection. This is how I build my prestige and reputation as a great agency, now with more collaborators.

The best thing is that not everything ended there because in addition to collaborating with national companies, it also collaborated with the largest. A perfect example is Epic Games, Peoople, TikTok, or Five Guys in Spain, which has shown how accurate and effective their services are.

The importance of choosing the right content creators

Choosing content creators accurately is very important for a brand as incompatibility can generate many problems and conflicts. To prevent this from happening, they have a unique methodology to select only the best creators for brands.

To ensure that the campaigns work and deliver results, they focus on selecting the best content creators, making them match the brands. This will avoid the many crises and conflicts that we have seen throughout the history of companies that do not know how to choose who to work with.

This is only the beginning of MCR-Agency

MCR-Agency is no longer a small agency of 2 people, it is now a larger agency, with more than 6 people on the other side of the screen, with more than 60 collaborating brands and connections with large content creators and brands, with more than 90 creators on its poster.

MCR-Agency has focused on revolutionizing the way content creators connect with brands. Did you know them?

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