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The current importance of influencer and streamer marketing

Many of the usual activities or services migrate to the online environment, and their use is growing rapidly. Especially today, where the pandemic forces you to stay home longer. This situation has targeted influencers and streamers as ideal media for promoting products and brands. Are you interested in knowing why?

We present below the arguments that explain why it is increasingly common to hire virtual influencers to make a brand visible or increase sales. The benefits you will get in such a short time will surprise you.

Are influencers and streamers relevant to the pandemic?

Millions of people around the world have found a comfortable and permanent place on the different online platforms. Happening in the midst of one of the worst health crises of modern times, it was inevitable to think otherwise.

This circumstance has meant for most people spend more time at home than usual. While some still have responsibilities to fulfill on the outside, others enjoy (or curse) incredible amounts of freedom.

The Internet is the ideal medium for you to meet those distant people, as a distraction in moments of leisure and to satisfy everyday needs such as shopping, banking or educational activities.

This new social dynamic has consolidated the dominant role of social networks as spaces for interaction. And, around them, famous internet personalities as subjects with great power of influence.

Virtual celebrities as opinion leaders

Every internet celebrity relates directly and indirectly to a large number of people.

According to metrics published by the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter, their audiences have increased at an enormous rate in the period of time since the start of the pandemic.

These followers, supporters, or admirers are sensitive in accepting the ideas of the influencer with ease. Where their opinions or points of view have considerable weight for them and therefore, for society.

Especially when these celebrities are dedicated to creating content and are regularly active. As is the case with streamers, bloggers, or any other Instagram and Twitter Influencer.

Why advertise through an internet influencer?

Taking advantage of opportunities when difficulties are pressing will lead you to success. It is exactly what advertising and marketing agencies have been doing. As a result, traditional strategies for advertising brands and products were affected by the pandemic.

Advantages of virtual influencer marketing

The advantages you get from using the sum of digital celebrities and the internet itself are numerous.

Without a doubt, you will have better results for your brand using virtual influencers to share a message, compared to celebrities on television or radio.

· Millions of potential customers within reach.

· Advertising campaigns are cheaper than traditional ones.

· The charisma of these celebrities is unquestionable.

· They already have an established community.

· There is improvement in the presence of the brand quickly.

· New market segments and age groups are opening, depending on the audience.

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