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The era of influencers in marketing

The era of influencers in marketing

With the arrival of the internet and with it social networks, the world has been in the midst of many changes, both in terms of communications and also in the way of doing certain things. From something as simple as sending an e-mail, shopping or even making a video call with a relative who lives far away from us, they are actions perhaps previously unthinkable that today are part of our daily lives and make our life easier and better in certain aspects. Marketing has not been an exception to this and has been modified in its forms and evolved, thanks to the appearance and advancement of the internet and later social networks. Today we can see advertisements cast in our web browsing, both graphically such as the famous Google Ads or even larger advertisements when we are enjoying our favorite videos on YouTube. But this does not stop there, but new ways of marketing and advertising products and services on the internet have emerged. In recent years, the so-called "influencers" have emerged that, thanks to their charisma, attract thousands and even millions of followers, with which they have become a field of great potential when it comes to thinking about advertising campaigns. In this article we will explore this area and see who the influencers are and how they have managed to become one of the main pillars of marketing today. What are influencers? The emergence of the internet has created a new world of communication without barriers. Currently, anyone with internet access and who owns a mobile or a computer can make themselves known to the world. Through social networks such as Instagram, Twitch, Tik Tok and platforms such as YouTube, people today can present their ideas, show their experiences, share their experiences and teach how to perform an infinite number of tasks, among many other options.

Likewise, we all have free access to that material and we can access information and people from different locations from anywhere that we could do without these networks or the internet. So, what is an influencer? of the world, along with an image of credibility and trust on their part. Those who follow these influencers generally feel identified with them for one or more reasons, which can range from ideals to shared tastes, and even simply curiosity or affinity with their personality. What can influencers bring to a brand?

Among the many advantages that influencers can bring to brands in their advertising campaigns, we can highlight the first place they reach to a large number of people and a specific niche. As we mentioned, there are YouTubers, Instagrammers and other types of influencers who are dedicated to various topics, including travel, cooking, hobbies, music, etc. Therefore, an influencer will provide us with a solid, defined, and large market niche. On the other hand, the influencer, how the same word says it, will give us influence in that large number of people that we mentioned in the previous paragraph and who also identify with him / her. Followers trust influencers and therefore trust the products they recommend, since as we mentioned, networks generate a feeling of closeness and familiarity, so that level of trust will be an excellent advantage for the brand. This same closeness and intimacy also improves the user experience and learning about the characteristics of the products that will be exhibited. In addition to this, many of the influencers set trends with the things they use, and thus their followers will want to look like him or else it will generate a sense of belonging by using the same products as their favorite influencer or frequenting the same places.

In the same way, this concept of belonging will not only attract but also retain customers. Another contribution of influencers to brands will be to have an already consolidated presence in the networks, in addition to generating a fresh and close image with their potential clients.

Also thanks to the great interaction in the networks between users, it will allow their opinions, concerns and even their proposals to be known, which will be in part a market study.

And the benefits are endless ... For all this, we can conclude today that marketing is living a new era with the rise of influencers, and this is something that can generate enormous benefits for all parties involved in this process, both for the influencer and the brand that will reach it. an agreement to make a collaboration, as well as for users who will be able to have a deeper knowledge of the products that are available to them in the market, as well as a closer relationship with the brand and a much better shopping experience. Nowadays a brand can consider making collaboration with an influencer a great and intelligent investment, which will give it not only economic gains but also significant growth in terms of image and identity, added to a great presence that keeps pace with new trends. . We do not know what the future will bring us in the world of technology or advertising, but the rise of influencers seems to have come to stay and mark a before and after in the history of marketing. Follow us @ mcr-agency

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