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TikTok ad “TikTok Stories”: Here's everything you need to know about this new feature

TikTok is one of the most popular platforms today since its launch four years ago growing little by little with its new features and now with the introduction of TikTok Stories a new creative way with which to share video content quickly and specifically.

Since its introduction 4 years ago, TikTok had a great reception and soon became the most downloaded video application in the App Store at Apple. Now with more than 1 billion users around the world, its strong point being the creation of video content, TikTok provides its users with a platform in which they can create short videos full of tools that maximize their exposure and creativity when making videos. .

What exactly is TikTok Stories?

Originally created by Snapchat, the “Stories” feature being a complete success on the platform. It is no surprise that other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have also included it, with TikTok being the most recent platform to include this feature.

In short, TikTok Stories is content posted on the platform's accounts that last 24 hours before disappearing permanently. Followers of the account and other users can react and comment on the story.

Swiping to the right of the "For you" page will show the Stories recently added by accounts you follow. This new feature also allows non-posting users an easy way to engage with the TikTok community while playing with a much simpler format.

Creating TikTok Stories

The company clarifies that this new feature is not intended to replace the content creation formats that so distinguished TikTok, but to exist as one of the options that content creators can use in the creation of videos, stitches, lives and duets.

You can create Stories on TikTok in just four simple steps:

1. Scroll to the right of the page "For you"

2. Click on the “Create” icon to activate the camera

3. Press and hold the record button

4. Post the story

What makes TikTok Stories different?

Although this feature is another in a long list of tools that other platforms have already acquired, TikTok differs from its competitors' thanks to its public comments.

These allow TikTok users to comment publicly on the story which can be seen by any user and if they are mutual friends they will be able to see their comments first.

Instead of the private list of those who see your story, there is a tab where you can see how many users have seen the story and each of our Stories, even if you do not follow these users.

Maximize this feature as a content creator

Influencers and content creators play a key role in TikTok, developing as a full-time job in which different marketing strategies are being incorporated every day.

TikTok Stories can be maximized in a way in which influencers can increase the attention and commitment of their followers thus growing their community, being only shown to users who follow you is the perfect opportunity to encourage users who do not follow you not to miss out on exclusive new content.

As a content creator, the exposure you have on the platforms you use is important, as well as navigating the different complexities of cultivating your brand, fortunately content creators agencies can help you throughout that process while having first-rate advice.

Release date

Unfortunately, TikTok Stories is still going through the pilot phase so it will not be available worldwide, it is said that it will first be available to selected users from the United States and then adding to more countries around the globe

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