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TikTok vs YouTube: Which video platform fits you the best as a content creator?

Video content is the number one way in which content is consumed around the world, today there are two prominent players in this arena in which brands and content creators alike should know its benefits and drawbacks, are: TikTok and YouTube.

In the early days of the internet, YouTube changed the game forever with its video platform in 2005, introducing a revolutionary way of streaming for creating videos and sharing viral videos, it is sure that if you are part of the generation Z on YouTube. I am part of your childhood and introduction to the internet. Now the platform supports a wide variety of content creators, including bloggers, gamers, reaction videos, etc.

Like YouTube in its time, TikTok has revolutionized the way video content is created and shared, opening up a new era of content creators and influencers. The application allows users to share, discover and create short videos of which users use for content creation. In situations in which content creators do not have the results they want is where content creator agencies are in charge of advising and optimizing the content, as well as the image of influencers.

Both platforms have pros and cons when signing up for the platform and if you want to maximize your chances of making yourself known on them, so let's learn about their differences and tools here.

Campaign types

Defining the type of campaigns and the strategies that you are going to follow to maximize your exposure to the audience you want to serve is essential. Although YouTube has a much more prominent search engine, discovering videos and content creators is much easier that does not mean that you cannot use trends, hashtags, analytics and other tools to maximize the relevant life of the content that is offered to you. the creators of TikTok.

To decide a campaign you want to follow on YouTube, it is necessary to know which audience you want to appeal to, the tools that you are going to use in your videos, how to navigate the algorithms of the platform as well as the optimal use of analytics, fortunately with the existence of agencies From youtubers it is possible that the content creators of this platform have help in the creation of their personal brand, monitoring in analytics, management, image updating among other invaluable services.

The optimal strategy for content and ads on TikTok should pay attention to trends, not just follow them, but optimally add something to it. Music and audios are one of the most prominent features of the trends on TikTok while filters and the ease of creating content should also be mentioned as features that stand out to the application. With the ease and speed that trends tend to be created and shared virally, the potential to find or create a trend that fits your brand as a content creator is unlimited.

TikTok agencies can help and advise with legal support and representation to the content creator, monitoring the growth of engagement, likes and comments, among other crucial services designed for content creators who are starting or want to improve their performance on the platform.

Different duration in content

The biggest difference that exists is not in the content and in many cases or in the opportunities offered by each platform, but in the duration of the content as well as the level of commitment the creators ask for. TikTok popularized the short video format while YouTube increasingly offered a longer content format on its vines, even offering content equivalent to the length of full movies on the platform.

Both platforms have found success with their opposing approaches, despite claims that audiences are unable to focus as YouTube has found success with its long-running videos before.

Preparing to create content

One of the key points that can impede the approach of a new generation of content creators on YouTube is the basic skill, equipment and commitment that it takes to create content on the platform which is almost non-existent on TikTok which can be created from content as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection.

TikTok has the tools to create content and get the attraction you want much more easily, while on YouTube you can have consistency and constant feedback which can ensure that your content continues to produce visits and subscribers.

What routes are you going to choose?

The differences between YouTube and TikTok can offer you a unique benefit in terms of content and exposure that you can receive as a content creator, this does not mean that you only choose one platform, but which will be the primary platform that can be the basis of your content. If you have doubts or do not know how to start content creator agencies, they can help immensely in advising and providing guidance, which later can be invaluable when growing your brand in the world of influencers.

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